Permaculture and sustainability are solutions-based approaches to current challenges. They help us to see with new eyes and go forth to co-create a hopeful future.

In order to work effectively and holistically, however, we also connect with our feelings of gratitude and our grief for the world.  Joanna Macy describes “The Spiral of the Work That Reconnects“,

“The truth of our inter-existence, made real to us by our pain for the world, helps us see with new eyes. It brings fresh understandings of who we are and how we are related to each other and the universe. We begin to comprehend our own power to change and heal. We strengthen by growing living connections with past and future generations, and our brother and sister species. Then, ever again, we go forth into the action that calls us. With others whenever and wherever possible, we set a target, lay a plan, step out. We don’t wait for a blueprint or fail-proof scheme; for each step will be our teacher, bringing new perspectives and opportunities. Even when we don’t succeed in a given venture, we can be grateful for the chance we took and the lessons we learned. And the spiral begins again.”

Drawing by Dori Midnight, from Joanna Macy's website

Drawing by Dori Midnight, from Joanna Macy’s website

We can use creativity to explore the thin knife’s edge between our grief for the world and our deep love for the world and her people.  By honoring our pain, we reconnect with our commitment to ourselves, each other, our Earth, and the future. This exploration is key to designing the future we want to live in together.


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