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A “Thrive!lihood” is a professional path that engages your unique skillsets and experiences to earn your right livelihood so you can thrive while caring for the Earth, caring for her people, and redistributing the surplus.

An “Abundance Model” is a business model that is based on the permaculture concept of unlimited yield—so a business is consciously designed with the permaculture ethics at its core, is financially sustainable, builds synergies with other businesses and organizations, incorporates alternative and regenerative economics, and “redistributes the surplus” for high impact social justice work. The many forms of wealth generated by this business enable the owner and her/his family to live a high-quality life, develop professional and personal interests, build relationships, and to practice radical self-care.

In a regenerative future, humans not only do less harm, not only repair the harm done, but deliberately use systems thinking and ecological design to meet human needs while creating resilient, diverse and thriving ecological and social systems.


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