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Are you offering permaculture-inspired services but working too hard or not earning enough income because you don’t resonate with a “business model?”

Want to offer the world services that aren’t the typical permaculture courses and offerings?

Are you ready to scale-up as an entrepreneur but not sure how?

Are you tired of figuring it out on your own and wish you had a mentor who gets you and can spare you a lot of the struggle on your entrepreneurial journey?

Are you wishing you could find business know-how that is synthesized into systems that work for “permies”?

The “Abundance Models”  coaching services support you as a “Regenepreneur” to hone your business model, so that you can thrive while doing the work you love and the world needs.

In the “Abundance Model Intensive,” I will train you to design your “business NOT as usual” model by clarifying:

  • How you, as a regenepreneur, can thrive while caring for the Earth, Her people, and redistributing the surplus
  • The value you deliver to your ideal clients
  • Your transformative program of services
  • How to stand in the value of your work in permaculture–especially when it’s beyond the usual paths of teaching PDCs or design consulting
  • How to price your services and incorporate alternative and regenerative economics
  • Effective marketing that sees potential clients as collaborators, not customers

Who is the “Abundance Model Intensive” program for?

If you already clear about

  • your “calling,”
  • your niche,
  • whom you want to serve, 
  • and what solutions they are ready to invest in,

then you are ready to design your business model! But in this intensive, you will create a radically ecological and socially just, service-based biz that is NOT business as usual, but can be the seed of the regenerative business ecosystem.

Note: If you are clear on your “calling,” your niche, and whom you want to serve, we can get you ready for the Abundance Model Intensive quickly. If you aren’t clear on those three, check out the Pathfinder group program.

     Karryn has helped me find a real formula of how I want my time and worked valued. She has helped me feel more confident asking and negotiating that. I am doing work I believe in, and when I put a monetary value on it, I notice others recognizing and respecting that. Karryn is so honest in the most loving way. She has an incredible ability to speak the truth, call out the untruths, and still make people feel supported. Her way of asking the right questions at the right moment—allowing me to come to my own conclusions—are genius and something I am trying to bring into my own practice. I really enjoy talking to her, and being heard.
–Jasmine Saavedra

How you’ll be supported in the “Abundance Model Intensive”:

  • Training calls
  • Accountability and integration days
  • Private coaching that leverages you to reach your goals by stretching towards your highest potential
  • The “Abundance Models” templates
  • Connection to other awesome Regenepreneurs:
    • weekly check-ins with your buddy
    • 6 months of access to 24/7 group support via our social media platform to tap into our “hive mind” to leverage your work
     I have a template to follow to build my business, and it’s working! I’m grateful I can have access to the training after the program ends so I can continue to process at my own pace. Karryn is super supportive, wise, and intuitive. The facilitation and programming of this course were beyond my expectations and followed the pace of the women’s process–not our “business as usual” patriarchal system we have been taught to follow.
Tara Sheen, “The Ecological Gardener”

What we’ll cover:

  • The “Business Model Generator” canvas, and how to make it more relevant for regenerative entrepreneurs
  • Manifesting your ethics in your biz and why this matters for your triple bottom line
  • Designing offerings that get you off the hourly wage treadmill
  • Redistributing the surplus with impact, but without burnout 
  • How to do outreach and marketing that feels authentic and builds relationships
  • How to deal with the limiting beliefs that come up when we stretch to new levels of personal mastery
  • Managing time and energy as an entrepreneur
  • The nitty gritty business stuff–how to not get bogged down in the legal, financial, and administrative tasks

Other ways I can support you to design your “Abundance Model”:

  • in one hour: We can jam on the challenges of your biz model that keep you up at night.
  • in a half-day: We can hone your strategy for your Abundance Model.
  • or you can purchase packages of 3, 6, 9 or 12 coaching sessions.
     Prior to this program I was disillusioned with the Permaculture movement, frustrated with the mainstream, “bottom-line” business model, and confused as to where I could apply permaculture principles and ethics in a potential business. I felt competitive on the outside, but was yearning for cooperation and relationship on the inside. As the program is coming to a close, I have been inspired by a growing movement of women coming into leadership with social and environmental equity as pillars of their business model.
–Jessica Jackowski,
“Eating the Sun: Mastering the Art of Year Round Nourishment Close to Home”

About the program facilitator:

Karryn KissKarryn Olson-Ramanujan is passionate about supporting women’s leadership in permaculture. She began studying permaculture in 1997 and in 2005 co-founded the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute in Upstate NY, and has served since then as a lead teacher and more recently as Board President. Since 2008, she has taught sustainability and permaculture-related courses at Ithaca College. In 2013, she started her own business offering permaculture design consulting services that include coaching because she knew several women and families who want to do permaculture design on their own site, but don’t have time to attend courses–and want more support than the typical consultation provides. A proponent of developing the “business case” for permaculture, she incorporates strategic planning into the design process—aiming to obtain a financial yield from aesthetic ecological designs. Karryn lived and worked in Europe, Africa and India before settling with her multi-cultural family in an Ecovillage. As a result, she is dedicated to supporting women and other historically marginalized populations in their vital roles as leaders. In 2013, she wrote the “Pattern Language for Women in Permaculture” based on her interviews of some well-known women leaders. In the Fall of 2013, Karryn co-organized the first annual Northeastern Women in Permaculture Gathering at Omega Institute, and continues to support and present at regional gatherings of women. At the 2014 North American Permaculture Convergence, Karryn led a working group dedicated to articulating some “Best Practices to Support Women in Permaculture, which will be published in the Fall 2015 “Permaculture Design Magazine.” Karryn credits her Women’s Studies minor with igniting her love of transformative learning, and she believes that socially-conscious ecopreneurship is  one way to fast-track permaculture into more widespread application.

Want to know more?

Use this link to apply for a complimentary 30-minute Strategy Session.

During the call, Karryn will jam with you regarding your current business model. You can also ask Karryn any questions you have about the Intensive and she can help you determine if you are the right fit her services.

Before our Strategy Session, please watch the “Abundance Models”  replay to see if you resonate with my approach to this work.

Until then,
Thrive On!


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