Reflections from the 2013 IPC in Cuba

“People, Power, and Permaculture in Cuba and Beyond”
Replay of an Online Panel

Since 1984, the international permaculture movement has been gathering at International Permaculture Convergences (IPCs) to share skills and chart a course for global change. In the Fall of 2013, permaculturists from all over the world came together in Cuba—where people have first-hand experience of a dramatic transition away from fossil fuels.

Did you wish you could have attended that IPC? Are you interested in hearing about the 2013 IPC, especially from a social permaculture and social justice lens?

I wanted to hear about these things,  so I moderated a free conference call in May of 2014, and invited Beatriz Arjona, Bonita Ford, Monica Ibacache, Rafter Sass Ferguson and Pandora Thomas to share their highlights and reflections from the convergence. Not all of them could make it to be the call, but it is nevertheless packed with great info!

The replay is below. Enjoy!

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