Managing Time and Energy on the Thrivelihood Path

This 45 minute video outlines why time management is a key part of our Thrivelihood, and shares some energy management & productivity hacks–using Google calendar and Asana.

The password is Gaia9.

*If you’d like the control screen to disappear, move your cursor away from the video screen and then don’t touch your mouse for a few seconds.

Coming soon: Time markers showing which topics are covered when.

Here are additional resources regarding time management:

Eat the Frog–do the tasks you dread first!

Big Rocks–why all those little non-important tasks eat up your time:

To download the video above (for your own use only)

Look at the video player above–see the word VIMEO on the lower right of the video player. Click on that, and it will take you to watch the video in the VIMEO software. Once you are in VIMEO, look below the video player for a grey bar that is like the one below…

See the “Download” button? In VIMEO, you will want to click on that (not on the one below, cuz it’s just a screenshot! :)) using the tips below:

  • For Windows users: Right-click on the link and choose “Save as” or “Save target as.”
  • For Mac users: Hold down the Control key on your keyboard and click the link, then choose “Save link as” or “Download linked file.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 1.48.10 PM


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