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Do you want to design your landscape with permaculture methods, but you are daunted by the process and unable to take a full permaculture design course?

SEEDs unique approach to permaculture design combines consultation services with coaching.  We work with you to deepen your understanding of design and permaculture, so you can create a robust design with the support of a professional. You will deepen your understanding of your site, set clear goals for its development, and design your landscape with a strategic approach that will provide personal, environmental, social, and economic value. SEEDs can also work with you to implement, document and evaluate your design. Read more about our process and see some of our work in the drop down menu under “Permaculture Design Services” above.

Our educational courses offer you a spectrum of introductory to advanced permaculture skills.

Please click on the “Transformative Learning” tab for more information.

We can mentor you into your fullest potential as permaculture professional.

Through our trainings on leadership and regenerative entrepreneurship. Click on the “Regenepreneurs” icon on the right to learn more.



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